Secrets of the ​​Salento seabe

Secrets of the ​​Salento seabe

Discover the wonders of the waters around ​​Leuca

Imagine it. It’s a hot, hot summer evening. You’re on holiday in Leuca, in the heart of the Mediterranean, walking along the seafront, sipping cooling almond milk. Suddenly the breeze takes you by the hand and leads you to look out to the distant horizon, where sky and sea merge. You gaze at the deep blue sea, the black sea of ​​the ancient Greeks and Romans, and you suddenly feel the urge to dive in, to touch the cool of the night.

At the bottom of the ​​Salento sea there are wonders to be discovered and even light in the total darkness of the deep. The depths of the sea are a secret no longer: until June 30 an exhibition is taking place on Leuca seafront organised by the Pro Loco community association showing original photographs taken deep underwater. Thanks to the skilled photographers you get to see all the brightly-coloured sea creatures and how they glow.

Did you know that in Salento there are also sea algae that glow at night?

This natural phenomenon is called bioluminescence and can be found in very warm waters, like ours. The effect is magical and romantic at the same time, the ideal setting for an unexpected love affair.

There’s diving for the more adventurous, even at night, when you can take pictures for yourself of Leuca’s underwater treasures, thanks to the local diving and snorkelling schools. Night-time explorations of the seabed have a special charm, because, in the caves with their plays of light, you get to see flora and fauna never seen in the day time. You get to greet the shrimps, dance with the bream and, who knows, maybe even see some rare species, like the strange moon fish.

Whatever adventure you choose in Leuca’s blue waters, at the Montirò Hotel we’re ready to share your excitement and experiences.