Salento to discover

A fascinating journey full of history from Santa Maria di Leuca, the southern limit of the peninsula, arrives up to the easternmost point of Italy, the Punta Palascia’s lighthouse in Otranto.

With an architectural, cultural and environmental heritage of great value, this area offers breathtaking landscapes, as well as traces of a past that starts from the beginning of prehistory.

The paths to discover are several and different: the coastal road that overhangs on a light blue sea along the entire coastline, the typical paths delimited by dry stone walls, the “salt roads” and the evocative gullies across the coastline.

You will be fascinated by Santa Maria di Leuca, a characteristic seaside village, where you can breathe the old times. Enclosed between the two promontories of Punta Meliso and Punta Ristola, it has a series of ancient caves. One of the most attractive monument is the Church “De Finibus Terrae”, enchanting all the visitors.

A simple walk will let you discover an evocative waterfront, sprinkled of eclectic Moorish, liberty, Gothic and Arabic style, that tell the traces of a past still well rooted in the territory.