Welcome to Santa Maria di Leuca, an amazing seaside town located between the two promontories of Punta Meliso and Punta Ristola. The town is full of ancient caves and you can breathe an air of past times.
You will be enchanted by the beauty and the abundance of different architectural styles: the majestic nineteenth-century lighthouse, the Basilica of the Madonna de Finibus Terræ (a popular pilgrimage destination) and the eclectic seaside villas in Moorish, Gothic, Arabic and Art-Nouveau style.
Leuca is the starting point of the Regional Nature Park born in 2006 (including the coast between Otranto and Santa Maria di Leuca and the woods of Tricase). The park extends over about 8,000 acres, along 57 kilometres of coast and includes 12 municipalities: Otranto, S. Cesarea Terme, Castro, Diso, Andrano, Tricase, Tiggiano, Corsano, Alessano, Gagliano del Capo and Castrignano del Capo. It represents a veritable reservoir of rare species, it is the realm of the Valonia oaks (such as the oak of the “hundred knights”, which is thought to date back to the XII century) and here you can find most orchids of Salento.
You will live an unforgettable holiday: a true dream in a fantastic world of towers, castles, lighthouses, dry-stone walls, bays, caves, manor farms and flower fields.