Leuca – born where sea and land meet

Leuca – born where sea and land meet

Come and discover Leuca’s wonderful history

Leuca was born of a passionate sea and land encounter. Between the two there is a millennial love that goes on and on: the wind carries messages of love from one side to the other. When it blows from the east, the water says to the earth: “I love you”. And the earth answers: “Me, too. Me, too”. The whole landscape bends gently, moves, swells from the desire of the two elements to embrace each other. Here in Leuca the forces of nature love are perpetually in love. The sea breaks over the rocky outcrops and by force of pressure has created the wonderful caves that make Leuca famous the world over. On summer afternoons, in the quiet of the countryside, as the wind rustles through the trees, you can almost hear the ebb and flow of the waves. “Lu rusciu te lu mare”, say the Salentini. The swish of the sea, so sweet and strong that you can almost see the water where the trees are.

Here in Leuca everything seems to be is in love. The wind rustles round the houses bringing with it sweet feelings. One minute you smell the jasmine and hear the cackles of the cicadas, and the next get the scent of salt and seashells as they kiss your skin and touch your heart. The people of the Salento have loved the land, its animals, its plants and the sea for centuries. Their hospitable nature seems to derive from the harmonies of nature. They’re always welcoming, while their faces are sculpted by the coming and going of the wind, always fanned with smiles.

At Montirò Hotel di Leuca in absolute quiet as you completely relax you can almost hear the continuous whisper of love between the earth and the water. There is an elemental joy in the brightness of our guest rooms here, and a certain sensuality in our refined cuisine. And in our lush gardens, you’ll feel the breath of the world.

Come and discover the age-old history of Leuca for yourself. We look forward to seeing you!