Happy hour? Try a local pastry savoury – a ‘rustico leccese’!

Happy hour? Try a local pastry savoury – a ‘rustico leccese’!

Tasty, unique aperitifs in Salento

After a full morning on the beach or cycling or when the sun’s going down, when the streets of Leuca are tinged with a thousand colours, here in Salento we know what makes an excellent, tasty pre-dinner snack – an ‘aperitif’.

Our local cuisine has lots of delicious dishes and what is these days known as ‘finger food’.

What culinary creativity and delight is heading to your table! Olives are strictly zero-kilometre anywhere you go locally; the focaccia and taralli are all freshly-baked, as well as the true ‘must’ of any Salento aperitif: ‘rustici leccesi’ – Lecce’s speciality savoury pastries. These circular delights of puff pastry come stuffed with mozzarella, tomato, pepper and nutmeg in a bechamel sauce. We’re sure it will be love at first bite. And if you’re still hungry, ask for a selection of local cold-cuts and cheeses, such as a fresh caciocavallo, a primosale or fresh pork and horsemeat salamis. They smell and taste divine. If you’re one for more lively flavours, try some ‘frittelline’, perhaps accompanied by peppers in oil or marzotica ricotta cheese, which here we call ‘ricotta forte’, or ‘strong ricotta’. The beauty of traditional Salento cuisine is its freshness and the absolute authenticity of the raw ingredients, combined with the expertise of our chefs and cooks. We have countless bakery products that are ideal for any aperitif. Going into any bakery is a mouth-watering experience. A tomato ‘frisa’ is good whatever your appetite and or time of the day, as is an ‘uliata’, our delicious olive sandwich.
Among Salento’s typical drinks, apart from lemonade and orange, you absolutely must try our famous almond milk or perhaps an ‘orzata’ – barley cordial, or our cherry drink. Their sweetness makes an ideal non-alcoholic accompaniment to a tasty, very traditional but glamorous aperitif.

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Come and discover the goodness of an aperitif in Salento, in the shade of white houses or looking out over the shimmering blue sea. Our aperitifs add a touch of sparkle and fun to any holiday! Come and delight your taste buds with our gastronomic specialties!