Beaches in and surrounding Leuca

Beaches in and surrounding Leuca

A dive into the bluest of waters

The coast of Leuca offers landscapes and experiences adapt for everybody, from the most fearless to the calmest. It has sandy beaches followed by cliffs and caves and there are a thousand activities you can do on the beach or in the water and there are just as many resorts that are real pearls of the sea. Some of them have been awarded the prestigious Bandiera Blu (Blue Flag) acknowledgement many times. This award is given every year to all the beaches that distinguish themselves for beauty and low environmental impact.

This year the prize went to the nearby beaches of Salve and Castro, marvellous places we advise you to visit during your stay.

Low and sandy beaches and crystal clear water, like tropical atolls, have made our coast the perfect destination for all kinds of beach-goers. The large size of the beaches offer all kinds of activities, from simple pedalos to rent with friends, to proper sports, to excursions on boats and water scooters, to cycling or walking along the coast. In any case, you will surely go home at the end of the day satisfied and tanned!

But let’s get back to our beaches and coasts. For those who are looking for relax and rest, rocked by the sweet lapping of the waves, there is nothing better than the resorts you can find all along the coast. They are equipped with restoration points, showers, etc. and there are often nice and experienced animators who organise activities on the foreshore, like muscle toning, aqua-gym, or games to keep children entertained. On the other hand, for those who really can’t keep still on a beach-bed and prefer to look at the beach umbrellas from the sea, there are many boat excursions to the magnificent caves of Leuca; real treasures dug in the rocks. Among them there is the unmissable Porcinara cave, which is also accessible by land by extricating oneself among the rocks. You will be struck by the play of lights and refraction and you will see prehistoric graffiti and inscriptions, because the cave was a very ancient place of worship. For the most fearless and for sports lovers, Santa Maria di Leuca and its two seas exposed to the winds are a perfect destination for surfers and paragliders.

For those who like swimming in the most isolated and wild places, feeling the thrill of an explorer at every breaststroke, we suggest a really unique place in its genre. We are talking about the Ciolo Canal, a small fiord north of Leuca. A bridge enables the passage of cars, under which there is a staircase that takes you right to the sea where a small sandspit enclosed between walls of rocks, will give you the feeling of being in a canyon.