An amazing regional park to enjoy nature

An amazing regional park to enjoy nature

One of the most beautiful nature parks in Salento!

When it comes to history, culture, tradition or architecture, Salento has very much to offer.
However, few attractions equal the outstanding beauty of nature.
Just think of the beautiful sea or the enchanting coasts, which have turned some localities of Salento into tourist destinations loved and appreciated in Italy and worldwide.
And then, there are also the wonderful countryside, nature, the vegetation…

It was exactly the strong desire to protect this natural treasure that led in 2006 to the birth of the “Costa Otranto S.M. di Leuca – Bosco di Tricase” Regional Nature Park, with the aim of preserving biodiversity and promote ecological sustainability on the territory.

While you follow suggestive paths lined with dry stone walls, you can observe a lot of natural beauties.
The flora is very rich and there are also many endemic species, including the Dianthus Japigicus (whose Italian name – Garofanino Salentino – means “the small carnation of Salento”), the Centaurea Leucadea Lacaita (whose Italian name – Fiordaliso di Leuca – means “the cornflower of Leuca”), the Centaurea Nobilis (whose Italian name – Fiordaliso Nobile – means “the noble cornflower”) and the Vicia Giacominiana (whose Italian name – Veccia di Giacomini – means “the vetch of Giacomini”).

If you love animals, you will be enchanted by the fauna.
In spring, you can observe the birds of prey that migrate towards this area, such as kestrels, buzzards and peregrine falcons. The aquatic fauna that lives in the dark, in the submerged and semi-submerged sea caves, is really interesting too.

There is no need to say that the geological structure and the beauty of coasts and cliffs create spectacular sceneries.

The millenary presence of the man on the territory is proved by both the numerous Paleolithic and Neolithic finds found in Grotta Zinzulusa and Grotta dei Cervi (whose cave paintings are very valuable) and by more recent evidence, such as pajare, farmhouses, towers and noble villas.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this fantastic park and discover the beauties of Salento.
We would be glad to welcome you to our hotel in Santa Maria di Leuca, where you can continue to enjoy splendid, unspoiled nature, but also all the modern comforts.