A swimming pool surrounded by green

A swimming pool surrounded by green

Leuca kissed by the sun and the sea

According to climate experts, June and July have been the hottest for many years. You can really feel the heat above all in our Salento, in our Leuca kissed by the sun and the sea. The experts suggest you always stay in a cool environment, drink a lot and shelter yourselves from the sun.

The Montirò Hotel has thought of all this for you: it lies amidst the green Mediterranean maquis, it has a stone patio that gives plenty of shade under which you can rest while admiring the break of dawn or the red sunset, then there’s the sea. Besides all this, the hotel has a big new swimming pool where you can keep fresh and relax before or after an excursion, a long walk or sun bathing. You will enjoy the sweet lapping of the blue water that slides gently from one end of the pool to the other, in complete silence except for the breeze among the olive trees and the song of the cicadas, or you can lie on our sun beds along the poolside, reading a book while sipping a refreshing drink and why not, taking a nap in the warmth of the afternoon, whenever you like. It is very difficult to experience such a relaxing and peaceful sensation!
We have always looked for new ways to satisfy our welcomed guests, therefore we are certain that our new swimming pool will satisfy your needs.

The attention and care we put into this is rewarded also by the excellent votes we received on Booking.com .

The swimming pool is an excellent activity in case there’s too much wind to go to the beach. It is ideal for children and their first water experiences in complete safety, or where you can simply relieve yourself of the fatigues of the day and wash away the worries and stress of daily life, by enjoying a refreshing moment on a hot summer day. Immersed in light, intoxicated by the perfume of the strawberry trees, the almond trees and the olive trees, you will enjoy the unique view of the Salento countryside, surrounded by 12 acres of uncontaminated land, very near to the Otranto Regional Park – S.M. di Leuca.

The crystal clear blue of the water seems to flirt with the surrounding vegetation, with its dry-stone walls and red soil which give the impression of having found an oasis of peace and relaxation that has ultimately always been our objective.

When we built the Montirò Hotel we had a vision: a traveller that escapes the chaos of contemporary life and goes back to the origins, the land and nature to find peace. Therefore, we gave voice to stone and life to the countryside and we mixed this love for simplicity with the best comfort modern life has to offer in the elegant design of our rooms, in our refined cuisine, in our care for the garden and now in our very new swimming pool.

We await your visit to the Montirò Hotel in Leuca, to experience peace and an uncontaminated nature, together with us!