Holidays in Salento

Holidays in Salento

Nardò, a city rich in history and representative of Lecce’s Baroque architecture

If you’re thinking of booking a holiday in Salento, you’re probably collecting information and reviews on the various attractions, about the places to visit and the most beautiful beaches.
We would love to welcome you to Santa Maria di Leuca, a place of great beauty, but also a perfect starting point for visiting many other attractions in Salento.

Of all of them, we recommend Nardò, a city rich in history and representative of Lecce’s Baroque architecture. When visiting Nardò, it is fascinating to stand in front of the churches, palaces, castle and, in general, in the evocative atmosphere that makes visitors feel as though they have stepped back in time.
There are also plenty of museums, perfect if you are interested in exploring the historical and cultural aspects of the city.

Nature lovers, however, can explore the beautiful countryside filled with manor farms or be enchanted by the beauty of the high jagged cliffs and coasts rich with evocative ancient towers.

Here, the crystal clear water is a truly breathtaking sight!

It’s no coincidence that people come to Salento for the sea too! (Sometimes just for it!)
Nardò will accommodate you!
Along the Ionian coast in fact, you can find so-called “Marines”, i.e. villages and resorts that are smaller, but still very impressive. Among the most popular are Porto Selvaggio, Sant’Isidoro, Santa Caterina and Santa Maria al Bagno.

In summer, these resorts are very popular with tourists and offer a wide array of things to do.
Besides enjoying the beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea, there are walks and nature trails in the pristine countryside, while for nightlife there is no shortage of pubs, clubs and meeting places.

In short, it is really worth visiting Salento and its beautiful location!
See you in Santa Maria di Leuca, in our hotel surrounded by unspoilt nature!