Among the paths of the Costa Otranto Regional Park – Santa Maria of Leuca

Among the paths of the Costa Otranto Regional Park – Santa Maria of Leuca

A holiday in Salento to discover nature

With summer here, it’s time to enjoy a holiday to discover the natural beauties of the territory of Leuca.

The Costa Otranto Regional Park – Santa Maria of Leuca safeguards and protects the coasts of the Adriatic side of Salento, a territory of great interest for its beautiful uncontaminated landscapes and for the animal and vegetation species that live there.

The park is structured into paths and routes to be discovered both on foot and bicycle, especially in this period when nature is in full bloom.

The path closest to Leuca is the path that crosses the Menghe and the San Vincenzo canals, channels created in ancient times by the erosion of the waters between Punta Meliso and Punta Ristola.

In this wonderful scenery, there are a huge variety of plants, a unique wonder that you cannot find elsewhere; so get your cameras, smartphones and comfortable shoes ready – let’s go!

In the marsh rushes, you can find the rare chaste tree, a species that prefers damp locations. Continuing along the path, there is a small group of Aleppo pine trees originally from Asia, the last remnant of a prehistoric glaciation. Dotted on the sides of the canal, where the calcareous rock reappears, you will find typical Mediterranean scrub with myrtle, mastic trees and olea oleaster, wild thyme, gorse, Jerusalem sage and caper bushes.

Hidden in the vegetation there are also small animals such as lizards, four-lined snakes and the rare Kotchy’s gecko.

Passing through these places you will realise that a holiday in Salento cannot be complete without totally immersing yourself in nature. For this reason, we have chosen to create the Montirò Hotel in the Salento countryside, surrounded by greenery, yet also just a few steps from the sea, combining elegance, comfort and quality with the beauty of the landscape.