The white corals of Leuca

The white corals of Leuca

Eat, sleep and breathe the Salento sea

In the blue of the Leuca sea white corals are happily living out their simple lives. Not in patches here and there, but stretching as far as the eye can see, making this amazing natural wonder truly unique in all the world. In fact, Leuca’s white corals constitute half of the specimens worldwide.

This treasure of the Salento Mediterranean forms the habitat for myriad species of fish, starfish, shrimp and many other sea creatures, making it an oasis of biodiversity. And who knows if the very name ‘Leuca’, that means ‘white’, doesn’t derive from these white coral colonies?

The incredible thing about these corals, hidden a thousand metres deep, is that nobody knew they even existed until a few years ago! Imagine the researchers’ delight when they discovered that the reef stretched 900 kilometres!

This vast natural legacy has managed to survive since prehistoric times and Leuca is now doing all it can to preserve it.

Exploring underwater here, as well as getting to see the incredible coastal caves you, too, can get to see wonders like the white corals: you’ll feel like you’re swimming on the clouds.

Diving so deep is not for everyone, but even just snorkelling, just under the surface with a face mask to breathe, is something everyone should try. The underwater wonders are so many that the grandiose scenery on dry land pales into insignificance in comparison. The water in all its different shades of blue-green, myriad little fish, coves, caves and grottoes, superfine sand and rocks teeming with wildlife.

Then if you want to admire the beautiful sea from dry land, don’t worry: the Leuca Sea Museum – Museo del Mare di Leuca – is opening soon. It’s going to have several specimens of rare species as well as those that are typical of our waters.

Now the really hot weather is on its way. It’s time to dive in, cool off and delight your eyes with the masterpieces that nature has sculpted at the bottom of the sea here in Leuca.

A warm welcome awaits you here at the Montirò Hotel.