A hotel to experience

A hotel to experience

Montirò Hotel in Leuca, luxury and elegance in Salento

At dawn, a window ajar looking out over olive trees through which you glimpse a few beams of sunlight. Open your eyes, look around you and you can see a room with white walls, green-blue doors and windows, Trani stone floor, fresh linen sheets, sofas with large cushions, wooden furniture, cotton sheets and stone bathrooms. Are you in paradise? Almost, you’re on holiday at the Montirò hotel in Santa Maria di Leuca in Salento.

It is no coincidence that our hotel is one of the most exclusive Luxury Hotels in Puglia south of Lecce. What distinguishes us in the hospitality industry, apart from high quality standards and incredible attention to detail?

We are located in the Salento countryside, a unique area in the world. We are frequented by sophisticated guests, by artists, and by all travellers looking for a great place to stay, full of personality and absolute relaxation: a place with a soul.

Indeed, it is the soul of our land that you can really feel when staying in our rooms, when reading on the patio or when having a refreshing swim in the pool.

Our hotel has been designed to focus on everything that characterises our land: the Mediterranean scrub, the sea, the bare stonewalls, good food – to us, hospitality is sacred from Greek times.

At the same time you can enjoy the wild nature and the best state-of-the-art facilities, which are simultaneously both trendy and respectful of tradition.
A holiday should be enjoyed at all times, even at the end of a trip, a day at the beach, a romantic evening or a night out dancing. The Montirò Hotel is designed to satisfy your idea of rest, relaxation and tranquillity while immersed in beauty and in every kind of comfort. When staying with us you will have the impression of being in a modern metropolis and at the same time in the freshness of a traditional house of days gone by.