The surreal bauxite mine in Otranto

The surreal bauxite mine in Otranto

A unique attraction, because the bauxite mines in Puglia are only two!

It’s impossible to remain indifferent in front of the beauties of Salento.
Some colours and landscapes are so astonishing that they equal and often surpass art.
The bauxite mine in Otranto is an example!

The deposit was discovered in 1940 and has been used used until the 70s to extract minerals, namely aluminium.
Theoretically, the mine should be considered to be another example of how men are capable of disfiguring nature.
Instead, what remains of the deposit – one of the two bauxite mines in Puglia – has turned into an enchanting attraction.
In fact, after the mining activities stopped, the water coming from the near aquifers started to gradually seep into the cavity of the mine, creating a small lake. Since then, the lake has added a pinch of magic to the scenery due to its intense shade of emerald caused by the presence of bauxite in the waters.
Everything is made even more suggestive by the contrast with the “bare” faces of the deposit, which have an indefinite intense colour: a mix of ochre, orange, red and burgundy. Just think that the colour is so peculiar that local craftsmen use the earth of the mine to create their artefacts.
Looking at the fantastic lake of “liquid emerald”, you can also appreciate the creative power of nature, which has been able to “win back” its spaces disfigured by human activity and to decorate them with a lush vegetation that has made everything more lively.
The atmosphere seems so unreal that it’s not difficult to feel pleasantly bewildered: is it another planet? Is it a door to penetrate the Earth? Or is it the set of a sci-fi movie?
The beauty of the scenery makes the mine one of the most visited and photographed places in Salento.
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