Spectacular fjord, breathtaking sea…

Spectacular fjord, breathtaking sea…

Don’t miss the Ciolo, a spectacular fjord in one of the best coastal towns in Salento!

It is virtually impossible to talk about Salento without stressing the beauty of its sceneries.
It’s impossible not to feel bewildered in front of the masterpieces of nature.
Today’s post is about a suggestive “rocky” attraction, a few kilometres away from our hotel in Santa Maria di Leuca.
It’s the Ciolo: an extraordinary, picturesque fjord in Gagliano del Capo, a charming place that owes its name to a dialectal word meaning “crow”. In fact, there are lots of nests of this bird in the creeks of the fjord, especially in the suggestive cave that can be reached only by sea (many bathers reach it by swimming).

A 36-metre bridge overlooks the Ciolo, offering breathtaking views. From one side you can watch the sea and enjoy the shades of its limpid waters; from the other side you can catch sight of a spectacular path that allows visitors to admire the rocks and the vegetation: the path of the Ciolo.
The height of the bridge and the pureness of the waters lead into temptation lots of reckless visitors (mostly young) who seize the opportunity to experience a big thrill by jumping down.
It’s no use saying that the sea is spectacular and that the small beach that allows visitors to bathe is always crowded!
The path of the Ciolo guarantees deep emotions and gives the possibility to observe fossils, animal remains, caves and “paiare” (typical buildings of Salento).
The path is lined with Mediterranean vegetation and you can find rare plants as well as several species of orchids.
Because of the presence of rocks, many visitors are also tempted to climb up the slopes. The path is perfect for trekking, too.
It is also possible to watch birds, including crows, which we have mentioned above.

What else…?! Words fail to describe the things you can see and the emotions you can feel!
You should see everything with you eyes in Gagliano del Capo, one of the best coastal towns in Salento.
We would be glad to welcome you to our hotel in the countryside of this wonderful region!