Hidden marvels along the coast

Hidden marvels along the coast

Discover the wonderful sea caves in Puglia: surreal places along the coast of Salento!

The beauty of Salento is not only what you can see “on the surface”, where fabulous landscapes and a lush vegetation create breath-taking views.
Salento is also full of amazing sceneries kept secret by the sea.
In Santa Maria di Leuca, for example, you can visit some of the most suggestive sea caves in Puglia.
They are enchanting and will catapult you out of reality, in a surreal atmosphere.
We want to suggest to you some of them.

Grotta Cazzafri

A wonderful cave that can be accessed only by boat. It seems that nature has created the suggestive arches at the entrance just to welcome visitors. The colours of the rocks are amazing, especially at sunset, and the sea waters are limpid and crystal-clear. Inside, the vault is covered with stalactites.

Grotta della Cattedrale

The name, which means “The cave of the cathedral”, is not casual: when you enter the cave, you really feel like you were inside an imposing cathedral. The walls are 60 metres high and end with the “Vora”, a large circular hole that recalls a dome and that intensifies the impression of being in a sacred place.
The sunrays that penetrate from above reflect off the numerous concretions on the rocks and off the water surface, creating suggestive effects and colour harmonies.

Grotta del Laghetto

The name means “the cave of the small lake”.
After landing on a series of cliffs, you have to follow a path that leads in a surreal environment, dominated by a body of water with shades of blue and emerald. The waters are gelid on the surface and warm on the bottom: bgathing here is definitely reinvigorating!

Grotta delle Tre Porte

The name means “the cave of the three doors”, because there are three large openings that lead in a rather large cave that can be visited either by swimming or by boat. From one of the side walls you can enter a narrow tunnel that leads to another space with several stalactites and stalagmites.

Grotta del Drago

“The cave of the dragon”, a suggestive place where light and shadow alternate and produce fantastic effects. The cave was given this name due to the presence of two rocks that have a characteristic shape: one of them recalls the head of a dragon, while the other (in the middle of the cave) reminds a tooth. A boat ride or a swim are ideal to be enchanted by the colour of the rock and by the stones on the seabed.

As you can see, Salento can arouse unique and unrepeatable emotions.
Instead, we can guarantee you an exclusive stay in a peaceful environment, in the splendid rural landscape of Santa Maria di Leuca!
Come and visit us! We would be glad to meet you!