Come to Salento in March

Come to Salento in March

Salento is also well-known for its flower growing

It’s never too early to make plans and anyway holidays are our business!

For this reason we suggest that if you haven’t yet decided, or to avoid high season but still enjoy beautiful weather or just to surprise your loved ones, why not consider taking your holiday in March?
Indeed, in March, nature is slowly waking up, the almond trees are coming into blossom, and the mimosa is exploding in all its glory in every garden. So this International Women’s Day, pack your bags and come to Salento. With its splendid coastline, and the breathtaking scenery of the Otranto-Leuca Regional Coastal Natural Park that’s open every day of the year, the Heel of Italy is the ideal place to witness nature’s spring reawakening.

Apart from having splendid landscapes and great food, Salento is also well-known for its flower growing. Flowers are the jewels of our region, and this is why our countryside is dotted with nurseries and greenhouses, and our houses are never without lush gardens. Some flowers are hidden treasures now making a comeback in our Regional Natural Park, loved for their pristine beauty and rarity.

Walking around Leuca taking in our wonderful, eccentric country houses, you’ll come across mimosa, fruit trees and evergreens as well as thousands of different-coloured flowers. And if flowers are your passion, half an hour from Leuca is the so-called city of flowers, Taviano, where you’ll find huge, year-round flower market. But without needing to go very far at all, here in the green and colourful countryside around us at the Montirò Hotel, take a walk and you’ll find plenty of lovely wild flowers, too. 

In March there’s also another unmissable festival: Father’s Day that falls on St Joseph’s Day. We’ve already told you a lot about St Joseph’s Day celebrations, but here it’s worth reminding you that it’s one of the loveliest festivals and one the oldest and best-loved in Salento. Bonfires are lit, and there are lots of craft and food fairs to visit. 

It’s truly a festival to enjoy with parents and friends, so special that there are traditional cakes, too, ‘zeppole’. These are little, fried ring doughnuts covered with sugar, custard and cherry cream; just one taste and you’ll be in love!

So, you can see that March makes an ideal month for your visit, and we’re certainly ready to welcome you here at the Montirò.