Summer in Leuca

Summer in Leuca

Sunny holidays in Salento

Dear readers, today we have great news to share with you: summer is finally here and Salento is already looking wonderful! The first harvest is already taking place in the golden fields, the bales of hay are gently laid down to form ancient architectures, the cherry trees are curved by the weight of their delicious red fruit. The Salento countryside is a swarm of animals and men, all intent on designing the landscape to make you fall in love.

The sun is smiling at us, already bringing joy and inviting us outside to dry our bones, get a tan and to socialise. The beaches of Leuca and the cliffs, bring out their most beautiful colours, from brown to yellow to green to red, while the sea is heating up and every free weekend is the perfect time to have our first swim.

June is coming, school is finishing and children are impatient to go to the seaside. It’s the perfect time to take out our swimming costumes and straw hats and enjoy the first swim of the season; with uncrowded beaches, white and fresh sand and crystal clear water.

And in the afternoon, after a nap in the comfortable and elegant rooms of our Montirò Hotel, with attention to every detail, you can admire the grace of nature, the generosity of Ceres, the goddess of agriculture, in our fields, among the olive trees and the hills.

The early summer evenings are warm and pleasant; you can stroll along the Cristoforo Colombo promenade, have a puccia or ice cream, go shopping or simply sit back and relax, admiring the sea in the moonlight.

A holiday in Salento wlil make you rediscover the beauty of losing yousrelf in time, of total relaxation, of finally dedicating yourself to yourself. We will take care of the rest in Montiro Hotel in Leuca, offering you all the most exclusive comforts, immersed in the absolute peace of our wonderful land.