Awaiting the protected marine area Otranto-Leuca

Awaiting the protected marine area Otranto-Leuca

The beauty of Salento

The beauty of Salento is unique in its entirety. The dry stone walls, the pajare, olive trees as far as the eye can see, but the real wonder is in the part which is not visible. The sea of ​​Salento is a treasure to be safeguarded and preserved. This is why the coastal towns have fought and obtained the recognition of the protected marine area between Otranto and Leuca. After the protected marine area of ​​Porto Cesareo and Torre Guaceto, that of Otranto-Leuca would be the largest in Puglia, with 50 kilometres of coastline: breathtaking underwater landscapes, sea caves which look as if they have been carved by great architects, collections of small natural habitats of coralligenous type, the splendid white corals, walls of algae on the water’s surface, living stalactites. Fish find a safe haven in our waters and they can breed happily, the fishermen are the first to defend our sea. Dolphins often appear to greet the boats. Is this not a vision of paradise?
Thanks to the protected marine area, the sea and its coasts will always be available to admire in their integrity, even to tourists.
The blue-green sea with the golden seabed which has nothing to envy against the Maldives, the still unspoiled nature make the territory between Otranto and Leuca unique in the world.
The towns of Alessano, Andrano, Castrignano del Capo, Castro, Corsano, Diso, Gagliano del Capo, Ortelle, Otranto, Santa Cesarea Terme, Tiggiano and Tricase, as wonderful on dry land as in the sea, have great surprised to offer you.
Coastal springs combined with erosion caused by the sea have carved the rock for centuries, creating cliffs, caves, homes for widespread invertebrate species, such as Italodytes stammeri, Typhlocaris salentina, Haloblothrus gigas, important sounding names for such small beings, which have inhabited these places long before us, in a prehistoric time, while our ancestors left traces, paintings, now buried by the waters.
On our waters we can find a wide range of species of migratory birds that cross Europe. 

For sea lovers, the Otranto-Leuca protected marine area is an opportunity to discover all that the sea holds and governs, how it molds these lands, not just the summer, but every moment of every single day: beauty, like the waves, softly, sweetly, shapes the territory, the breeze refreshes our thoughts and brings smiles to our faces. The sea coexists within every living being of Salento, in the olive trees, the birds, in Salento, even among the stones.

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