Welcoming in the New Year

Welcoming in the New Year

The New Year brings with it lots of new opportunities

With 2017 behind us, the New Year brings with it lots of new opportunities and there’s no better way to approach the future than to look back at all that we achieved over the past year. Looking back at the last 12 months, we’ve had so many great times that have given us memories to treasure. The smiling faces of all the many guests who graced the Montiró Hotel: our lovely chats, and all the stories we exchanged of experiences from all over the world. All these things really lit up the Salento landscape that surrounds us. And with the olives trees all around us, we first of all want to thank you. Thank you for your affection, for the satisfaction you’ve given us in our work that spurs us on to go the extra mile with our hospitality, something we Salento people are especially known for.
Working in tourism here isn’t just about providing board and lodging, but about telling the Salento story, seeing you happy, and making your holiday in this corner of paradise truly unforgettable. We are committed to paying attention to every detail in order to meet your every need, and we will continue to be so. In 2017 we brought you a fabulous swimming pool with views over the lovely Leuca countryside, here at the confines of the Salento area, to give you a unique relaxation experience.
For Leuca and the whole of Salento, 2017 was a year full of so many great achievements. People from all over the world came to admire Salento’s beauty: our dry stone walls and our pajare – ancient, round stone houses; our olive trees and our fabulous sea; our castles, fortified towns and our churches that are works of art in themselves. Visitors here had so much fun… and let’s not forget how much visitors enjoy our good, authentic traditional cuisine that we’re famous for all over the world!
Leuca – beautiful, white Leuca – certainly played her part well in 2017, offering myriad activities and experiences, especially those to do with the sea. Here where the Adriatic, Aegean, and Ionian seas meet, boats are the queens of the sea. Every day, hundreds of tourists took to the water, thanks to Leuca’s boatmen, to explore our lovely coastline and beautiful grottoes. Then there were all the yacht races, unmissable spectacles for everyone, while VIPs’ super yachts stayed well off-shore to enjoy a bit of privacy. You could say that there’s more life on the water than under it, here in Leuca!
But Leuca isn’t only about the sea. There were dozens of events in 2017 alone dedicated to the rediscovery of our local traditions and history: the Night of Taranta, tours of our splendid Villas, food festivals, concerts, walks and, of course, visits to Santa Maria Finibus Terrae Basilica. 

The year just gone was, for us, a very special year and we’re sure that 2018 is going to be even better.
All of us here at Montiró Hotel wish you a great New Year. We look forward to offering you our hospitality and sharing with you more of the fabulous ‘Made in Salento’ experience.