Ancient traditions and distinctive tastes

Ancient traditions and distinctive tastes

The wines of Salento are perfect to experience the local tradition!

A holiday in Salento gives you the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the territory, of its breathtaking sceneries and of its wonderful sea. But you can also enjoy the excellent wines and foods that are typical of the region.
Among the most renowned products of Salento, wines definitely occupy an important position.

Names such as “Negroamaro” and “Malvasia” sound familiar to everybody, even to those who have never visited Salento. In fact, these are the most widespread vines in the region. They are used to produce the fine red and rose wines that since ever have delighted the palate of connoisseurs (and not) thanks to their distinctive taste, caused by the short period of maceration during the winemaking process.

Actually, rose wines are more appreciated abroad (especially in America, Belgium, France and Germany), while in Italy they haven’t enjoyed the same success as red wines, so they’ve never been “pushed” by the national wineries.

From the territory of Taranto comes instead the “Primitivo di Manduria”, another of the most renowned vines (and wines) in Italy. In the beginning, this vine was used to be mixed with other kinds of grapes, in order to lend more colour and texture to the final product. Over time, it has been given more and more value, also thanks to more and more advanced winemaking techniques and investments in the marketing and packaging industry. Today, the vine is used to produce a single-varietal wine that is very appreciated in Apulia (but not only there).

The list has not ended, yet. There are also the Aleatico (whose taste vaguely recalls the Black Muscat from Tuscany) and the Susumaniello. This last name means “little donkey” in the local dialect and it was chosen exactly because, during the most fertile period, the vine gets loaded with a huge amount of grape bunches, just like donkeys.

As you can see, the traditions of a region can be experienced even through a glass of fine wine…
At the Montiró Hotel you can also drink in our lovely garden and enjoy unspoiled nature.
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Photo by McKay Savage from London, UK [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons