Yoga on the beach

Yoga on the beach

The new frontier of relaxation

There are people that love to lie in the sun for hours on end, others that prefer to swim in the water till they are exhausted, those who love equip themselves for extreme sports and those who dance with the animators in the resorts. The sea has many attractions, the most relaxing of which is certainly yoga.
In the last few years, our Salento has had a boom of tourists interested in yoga on the beach for the beauty of our coasts and the peace that you can find in certain places in close contact with nature.

Yoga is a very ancient oriental discipline that developed around the idea that man is part of the whole and that his spirit is able to communicate with the Universe through the development of key spots in the body called chakras, and that with meditation one can reach a form of superior wellbeing.

Nature has a fundamental role in yoga. It is visualised in thoughts, yoga positions have names of natural elements, the Sun, the Moon, the Cat, the Dog, etc. Vital energies are everywhere, for this reason doing yoga in the open, with your feet in contact with the sand, breathing the perfume of the sea with the wind blowing through your hair, is a complete experience.

All you need to do yoga on the beach, if you already know the discipline, is a mat, comfortable clothes, and a splendid cliff at dawn or at sunset so that you are at the centre of the elements. There are yoga schools for those who are less experienced that organise specific activities on our beaches in summer. Often even the resorts are equipped for meditation on the shore with instructors and relaxing music. There are also specific activities dedicated to yoga lovers that blend sport and tourism. Browsing around the internet you can find guided excursions, for example to the Parco Otanto-S.M. di Leuca, with stops where you can meditate and admire the landscape or to discover artistic spleandours, under the careful guide of expert masters.

“Mens sana in corpore sano” the Latins used to say. That’s why yoga in Salento adapts itself very well to our simple and genuine cuisine that in recent years has become more careful to the quality of raw materials and offers organic, natural products at 0 km, to satisfy even the most difficult requests and because eating healthy also means safeguarding nature. Like the principles of yoga, human actions works in synergy with the environment and develops a virtuous circle between nature and man.

The relaxation, peace and tranquillity we look for in yoga is also the philosophy of the Montirò Hotel which is surrounded by olive trees, caressed by the sea breeze and kissed by the sun. It is a true haven of peace at the ends of the earth.